Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I'm signed up for Kat's @ (Maximize your Morning's challenge!) I"ve been really wanted to try something like this for some time now but just couldn't get motivated and really needed someone to hold me accountable. Stumbling across her blog a few months back has been such a huge encouragement. Looking forward to MAY 15th.

Today her post was as follows -

500 women signing a petition can’t get a law passed.

500 women buying a book can’t make it a best seller.

500 women watching a movie can’t make it a hit.

500 women alone can’t make a big impact.


500 women waking up early to fall on their knees in prayer for their family.

500 women finding hope and security in Christ’s love for them.

500 women hearing and and responding to their Heavenly Father everyday.

500 women overflowing with the love, grace, courage and hope of God…


AMEN ! So ready for this !

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